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What We Do (besides playing guitar)

StretchedMind Design Studio specializes in:

Creative Design, Artistic Direction and Patent Illustration Drawing services.

Creative Services include development of collateral and brand recognition from point of inception to the final product. Artistic Direction into illustration, design layout, and product development. We work closely with your ideas with the aim of achieving your desired result.

A unique service we also provide are intellectual property drawings that cover Utility drawings such as flowcharts, graphs, perspectives and cutaways, Design drawings, Trademark Illustrations and Replacement sheets for your USPTO needs. Whether you are the entrepreneurial visionary whose idea requires the right interpretation, an in-house counsel expecting the highest discretion of trade secrets for their products, or a firm that specializes in IP development for their clientele, we are a local and nationwide resource for you.

Our Services

Creative Design

Conceptual Layouts, Branding and Collateral, Adverts, Websites

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Artistic Direction

Project Consultation, Logo Development, Product Art, Illustrations

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Patent Illustration

Trademark, Utility, Design, Replacement Sheet

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Freelance Help

By the project or by the hour services

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Artistic Portfolio

Logo development and product illustration are just a few examples of the services we provide.

Patent Illustrations

Patent Drawings and Trademark Illustrations Portfolio

Over a decade of nationwide patent drawing experience with hundreds of varied applications in all areas of illustration work including flowchart diagrams, graphs, perspectives, and cutaways.